Welcome to the website of Nao Shimada, Physical Therapist.

My name is Nao Shimada and I work at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in the West Tower. I have been a physical therapist since 2002.


Please call to make appointments to see me. The phone number is 310.517.4735. To leave a voicemail for the front desk simply wait for the beep, or to leave me a voicemail dial x20823 .

The clinic is in a building called the West Tower. The address to the West Tower is 3325 Medical Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90505. The clinic is not in the main hospital. Enter from Sky Park so you won’t get confused. Turn on Medical Center Drive and Park in the West Parking Structure. The West Tower is the building next to the West Parking Structure. The physical therapy department is on the 5th floor.

Hope to see you there!

If I cannot be reached there, I can be reached at my google voice number: 424-271-2288.

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